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Article: Healing with Emeralds: A deep dive into the green stone’s mystical abilities that can boost your health & well-being

Healing with Emeralds: A deep dive into the green stone’s mystical abilities that can boost your health & well-being

Healing with Emeralds: A deep dive into the green stone’s mystical abilities that can boost your health & well-being

If you’ve done any research about emeralds, you know that they are loved for a plethora of reasons, such as their unique colors, the inclusions within the stone, and the list goes on. One peculiar reason that stands out are the beliefs that possession and usage of these gemstones can foster growth, positivity and enhancements in well-being.

Curious to know 7 ways emeralds can help boost your health & wealth?

Keep reading to find out!

1. Physical & Mental Healing

While you may think that believing a stone can help solve ailments is backward, there’s science to it. You see, emeralds contain elements like chromium and vanadium, which are known to induce cell regeneration in the body. What does this do? It supports the body in fighting weak cells, which in turn leads to treating many illnesses. History has witnessed these gems aiding in the nursing of many diseases spanning from eye diseases, to respiratory, liver and intestinal ailments!

Not just that, the elements that are found within emeralds are reported to reduce vague thoughts in one’s head and replace it with more mental clarity, paving the way for staying more alert! This means that wearing emeralds can help you increase your focus, and direct dedication towards the meaningful tasks that you often put off due to procrastination and self-doubt.

2. Calm State of Mind

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, roughly 1 in 5 Americans suffer from anxiety. Emeralds are known to have a relaxing effect, which leads to reduction in stress and anxious thoughts and behavior patterns. A composed mind not only helps take life one step at a time, but also boosts serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin to increase happiness levels, so you can channel your inner Buddha!

In ancient Middle Eastern cultures, possession of emeralds often invited praise from others as it signified stepping up from the daily troubles of life, and embarking on a path to discovering a larger purpose and reducing worries of the owner and their known ones. These findings are not limited to just Middle Eastern culture, but that’s a story for another time.

3. Improved decision-making

We already discovered that emeralds help you achieve a tranquil state of mind, and what better way to make decisions than with a calm mind? There's good reasons why people advise against making decisions when angry. According to California based TalentSmartEQ, 90% of top performers keep their emotions in check while making decisions. The best of decisions, which are more fruitful and prolific, are made without haste and biases.

4. Elevated Energy

Studies indicate that contact with emeralds help lift spirits, as they help circulate the flow of positive energy through the body by stimulating the heart-chakra. American Gem Trade Association’s surveys report 78% of respondents feeling more energized when wearing their emerald jewelry frequently. Now you know why Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara loves emeralds, it’s surely not easy to be a multi-tasker and super talented artist like her!

5. Greater self-esteem

Much like escalating energy levels and willingness to perform, the tuning in of emeralds with the heart-chakra also stimulates feelings of and higher self-worth. Whether you believe the other figures and reasonings or not, you have got to believe this. Who wouldn’t feel better after putting on some lovely green jewelry? Not us for sure, we jump on every chance to adore the gemstone and share its secrets and facets with the world!

Emerald is also the stone of planet Mercury, which is known for its confidence, pride and self-regard.

6. Clearer articulation & communication

Emerald jewelry can help you tune into your throat-chakra and communicate freely with your co-workers, family, spouse, etc. and put them in a chokehold with your newfound boldness and conviction. This means that your emeralds will not only help you dress to impress, but also speak to the peak!

Emeralds can help free you from the fear of public-speaking and opening up to people, which can help foster more tightly-knit relations and an improved image among those you communicate with. If you’re looking for something to help you find the love of your life by helping you get out there, then an emerald is just the perfect choice.

7. Spike creativity

Ever wondered why emeralds are favorites of popular & successful artists like the globally-renowned music sensation Taylor Swift? It’s because they’re known to take an individual's creativity levels to the moon! By incorporating emeralds in your jewelry, you can augment your imagination to take you to new destinations & realities!

Angelina Jolie’s quintessential appearance with emerald earrings at the 2020 Academy Awards even spurred a lot of discussion and praise for months on end, leading to people sharing their two-cents on the beauty and boldness of the gemstone. That goes to show, even if you’re wearing the most basic outfit, like a solid-black dress, just a pair of emerald earrings or one star accessory with an emerald can absolutely steal the show!

There you have it! We covered some of the many gifts emeralds can give you, apart from being absolute stunners for your jewelry and style. Want to know more about the history, supply, types and characteristics of emeralds? Check out our other blogs and you’re sure to be an expert by the time you read them all. As always, remember the Golden-Mantra or rule: To check for certificates to authenticate the originality, quality and ethical sourcing of your gemstones!

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