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Wrap your wrist in poise with our curated collection of bracelets showcasing the timeless glamour of diamonds, aquamarines, rubies, sapphires, tanzanites, tourmalines, and emerald bracelets. From dainty chains to flashy cuffs, every piece is fashioned to elevate your distinctive style and uplift your look with a dash of refined luxury.

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Emerald Bangle- 0.43ct TWEmerald Bangle- Eshli

Emerald Bangle- 0.43ct TW

Sale price$1,300.00
Emerald Bangle - 1.60ct TWEmerald Bangle - 1.60ct TW - Yellow Gold

Emerald Bangle - 1.60ct TW

Sale price$1,950.00
Emerald Oval Tennis Bracelet - 11.42ct TWEmerald Oval Tennis Bracelet - Yellow Gold
Emerald Tennis Bracelet - 9.56ct TWEmerald Tennis Bracelet - Yellow Gold
Emerald Oval Tennis Bracelet - 7.70ct TWEmerald Oval Tennis Bracelet - 7.70ct TW
Emerald Mix Shape Bracelet - 11.57ct TWEmerald Mix Shape Bracelet - 11.57ct TW
Emerald Mix Shape Bracelet - 11.75ct TWEmerald Mix Shape Bracelet - 11.75ct TW