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Emerald Jewelry

Zambian emeralds are a true gemstone wonder, prized for their exquisite beauty and striking green coloration. Mined in the heart of Africa, these natural emeralds boast a unique and vivid green hue that captures the essence of Zambia's lush landscapes. The deep, forest-green tones of Zambian emeralds make them a highly sought-after choice for fine jewelry enthusiasts and collectors.

Their natural inclusions, often referred to as the 'jardin,' not only add to their allure but also authenticate their origin. Discover the unparalleled elegance of Zambian emeralds, a green gemstone that reflects the breathtaking beauty of its African roots.

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Oval Emerald Halo Ring - 0.35ct TWOval Emerald Halo Ring - Eshli
Emerald And Diamond Three Stone Ring - 0.33ct TWEmerald And Diamond Three Stone Ring - Eshli
Emerald Open Shank Ring - 0.60ct TWEmerald Open Shank Ring - Eshli
Square Emerald with Diamonds Gold Ring - 0.95ct TWSquare Emerald with Diamonds Gold Ring - Eshli
Emerald Halo Studs Earrings - 0.25ct TWEmerald Halo Studs Earrings - Eshli
Emerald Evil Eye Pendant - 0.84ct TWEmerald Evil Eye Pendant - Eshli
Emerald Bangle- 0.43ct TWEmerald Bangle- Eshli

Emerald Bangle- 0.43ct TW

Sale price$1,300.00
Emerald Halo Stud Earrings - 0.98ct TWEmerald Halo Stud Earrings -Eshli
Oval Emerald Double Shank Halo Ring - 0.49ct TWOval Emerald Double Shank Halo Ring - Eshli
Emerald Halo Pendant - 0.34ct TWEmerald Halo Pendant - Eshli
East-West Emerald Ring - 0.74ct TW
Two Pear Shapes Emerald Ring - 0.95ct TWTwo Pear Shapes Emerald Ring - Eshli
Emerald Pear Shape Ring - 0.91ct TWEmerald Pear Shape Ring - Eshli
Emerald Oval Ring with Diamonds - 0.92ct TWEmerald Oval Ring with Diamonds - Eshli
Emerald Pendant with Diamonds - 0.46ct TWEmerald Pendant with Diamonds - Eshli
Emerald Oval with Diamonds RingEmerald Oval with Diamonds Ring - Eshli

Emerald Oval with Diamonds Ring

Sale price$1,560.00
Emerald with Diamonds East-West Ring - 1.21ct TWEmerald with Diamonds East-West Ring - Eshli
East-West Emerald Ring - 0.69ct TWEast-West Emerald Ring - 0.69ct TW
Emerald Stud Halo Earrings - 2.03ct TWEmerald Stud Halo Earrings - 2.03ct TW
Emerald Oval Shape Ring with Diamonds - Eshli Fine JewelryEmerald Oval Shape Ring with Diamonds - White Gold
Emerald Round with Diamonds Ring - 0.88ct TWEmerald Round with Diamonds Ring - White Gold
Emerald Open Shank Ring - 1.09ct TWEmerald Open Shank Ring - Eshli Fine Jewelry
Emerald Cuban Style Ring - 1.15ct TWEmerald Cuban Style Ring - Eshli
Emerlad Round Double Halo Ring - 0.70ct TWEmerald Round Double Halo Ring - Eshli
Emerald Round with Diamonds Ring - 0.86ct TWEmerald Round with Diamonds Ring - White Gold
Emerald Oval Twist Ring - 0.99ct TWEmerald Oval Twist Ring - Eshli
Round Emerald Stud Earrings - 1.37ct TW
Emerald Stud Earrings - 1.45ct TWEmerald Stud Earrings - Yellow Gold
Emerald Oval Halo Ring - 1.15ct TWEmerald Oval Halo Ring - Yellow Gold
Emerald Pear Shape Pendant - 1.20ct TWEmerald Pear Shape Pendant - Eshli Fine Jewelry
Emerald Oval with Side Stone Ring - 2.11ct TWEmerald Oval with Side Stone Ring
Round Emerald Eternity Ring - 2.01ct TWRound Emerald Eternity Ring
Emerald Line Pendant - 1.86ct TWEmerald Line Pendant - Yellow Gold
Two Emerald Pendant with A Diamond - 1.08ct TW
One Emerald Pendant with Diamonds - 0.69ct TW
MQ Emerald Earrings With Diamonds - 0.61ct TW
PS Emerald Earrings With Diamonds - 0.93ct TW
PS Emerald Ring With Diamonds - 1.38ct TW
Two Emerald Pendant with Diamonds - 1.26ct TW
Three Emerald Line Pendant - 1.13ct TW
Emerald Round Halo Twist Ring - 0.92ct TWEmerald Round Halo Twist Ring -Eshli Fine Jewelry
Emerald Oval "Eye" Ring - 1.03ct TWEmerald Oval "Eye" Ring - Eshli Fine Jewelry
Emerald with Diamonds Halo Ring - 1.19ct TWEmerald with Diamonds Halo Ring - White Gold
Emerald Bangle - 1.60ct TWEmerald Bangle - 1.60ct TW - Yellow Gold

Emerald Bangle - 1.60ct TW

Sale price$1,950.00
Emerald Double Halo Ring - 0.84ct TWEmerald Double Halo Ring - 0.84ct TW
Marquise Emerald Pendant - 0.66ct TWMarquise Emerald Pendant - 0.66ct TW
Emerald Pear Shape Drop Earrings - 2.02ct TWEmerald Pear Shape Drop Earrings - 2.02ct TW
Emerald Oval Split Shank Gold Ring - 1.64ct TWEmerald Oval Split Shank Gold Ring - White Gold

Drape Yourself in Luxury: Explore Eshli's Emerald Jewelry Collection

Indulge in the regal allure of our Emerald Jewelry Collection, a testament to opulence and grandeur. From timeless classics to cutting-edge designs, our meticulously crafted collection showcases unparalleled artistry. Tailored to each discerning individual, these pieces in sterling silver or pure gold are the epitome of elegance, enhancing your distinctive fashion sensibilities.

Reveal the Allure: Eshli's Distinctive Touch in Emerald Accessories

At Eshli, we don't just create jewelry; we infuse our signature Eshli flair into every facet of our Emerald Accessories line. A fusion of grace and sophistication, our necklaces, engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, and more pay homage to the women of substance around the globe

The Epitome of Glamour: Eshli's Iconic Emerald Jewelry

Elevate your style for any occasion with our thoughtfully curated Green Emerald Jewelry collection. It's not just about making a fashion statement; it's about embodying the essence of flawless glamour wherever you go, proudly showcasing Eshli's distinctive signature.

Why Opt for Eshli in Your Emerald Jewelry Selection?

Perfection Personified: Our craftsmanship is synonymous with perfection, ensuring each piece in our Emerald Jewelry collection is a true work of art.

Unrivaled Craftsmanship: The meticulous attention to detail in our Emerald Jewelry Collection caters to your intricacies, making each accessory a declaration of supremacy for you to immerse yourself in.

Express Your Distinct Style: Eshli's Emerald Jewelry collection not only embraces individuality and revels in uniqueness but also serves as a potent expression of confidence, transcending the realm of mere adornment.