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Emerald Necklace

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Emerald Evil Eye Pendant - 0.84ct TWEmerald Evil Eye Pendant - Eshli
Emerald Halo Pendant - 0.34ct TWEmerald Halo Pendant - Eshli
Emerald Pendant with Diamonds - 0.46ct TWEmerald Pendant with Diamonds - Eshli
Emerald Line Pendant - 1.86ct TWEmerald Line Pendant - Yellow Gold
Emerald Pear Shape Pendant - 1.20ct TWEmerald Pear Shape Pendant - Eshli Fine Jewelry
Marquise Emerald Pendant - 0.66ct TWMarquise Emerald Pendant - 0.66ct TW
One Emerald Pendant with Diamonds - 0.69ct TW
Three Emerald Line Pendant - 1.13ct TW
Two Emerald Pendant with A Diamond - 1.08ct TW
Two Emerald Pendant with Diamonds - 1.26ct TW
Three Emerald Pendant with Diamonds - 1.26ct TW
Two Emerald Pendant with Diamonds - 1.26ct TW
Emerald 5 Pear Shape Necklace - 2.12ct TWEmerald 5 Pear Shape Necklace - Yellow Gold
Emerald Pear Shape Halo Pendant - 2.18ct TWEmerald Pear Shape Halo Pendant - Yellow Gold
Four Emerald Pendant with Diamonds - 1.73ct TW
Emerald East to West Pendant - 3.38ct TWEmerald East to West Pendant - Yellow Gold
Emerald Halo Pendant - 2.24ct TWEmerald Halo Pendant
Emerald Halo Pendant - 5.16ct TWEmerald Halo Pendant - Yellow Gold
Emerald Mix Shape Pendant - 5.80ct TWEmerald Mix Shape Pendant - Eshli Fine Jewelry
Oval Shape Emerald Pendant with Diamonds-3.79ct TW

Radiate Timeless Elegance: Explore Eshli's Range of Emerald Necklaces

Step into the world of opulence and grace at Eshli, where our exquisite jewelry not only immerses you in a sea of beauty but also invites you to embrace a grand lifestyle. Crafted with love, our 14K White Gold Emerald Necklaces are a testament to enduring sophistication and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Drape Yourself in Opulence: Gold Necklaces with Emerald Brilliance

Our Gold Necklaces adorned with Emeralds possess an unfading allure, a perfect fusion of regal gold and the captivating green of emeralds. Elevate your style by making a statement not just on special occasions but in every moment of your life.

Pure Elegance in White Gold: Explore the White Gold Emerald Necklace Collection

White Gold Emerald Necklaces steal the spotlight, radiating brilliance and intricacy. Experience the meticulous craftsmanship behind each necklace, a seamless blend of white gold intertwined with the lush green tones of emeralds.

Express Your Style: Eshli's Emerald Necklace Jewelry

Our Emerald Necklace Jewelry collection is as diverse as your taste, allowing you to confidently adorn it in both traditional and modern attire, commanding the spotlight like no other. Each piece seamlessly integrates with your style, reflecting your beauty and confidence.

Elevate Your Collection: Purchase Emerald Necklaces with Confidence

Emerald Necklaces exude enchantment, and we ensure that from selection to transaction, you relish their inherent elegance and experience true satisfaction at every step. Shop securely and add the finest piece to your collection.

Why Opt for Eshli in Your Emerald Jewelry Selection?

Curated Perfection: Our Gold and White Gold Emerald Necklaces redefine perfection, each piece setting its trend and becoming a coveted treasure.

Craftsmanship Par Excellence: Witness the superior craftsmanship that empowers every piece in our Emerald Necklace Jewelry collection, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Secure and Effortless Shopping: With our secure online platform, purchase your Emerald Necklace stress-free, turning your shopping experience into a delightful treat for yourself.

Elevate your style with Eshli's Gold and White Gold Emerald Necklaces. Visit Eshli and adorn yourself with the enduring elegance of our meticulously curated collection.