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Article: A Deep Dive into the Ever Growing Love for Emerald Engagement Rings

A Deep Dive into the Ever Growing Love for Emerald Engagement Rings

A Deep Dive into the Ever Growing Love for Emerald Engagement Rings

Over the past few years, gemstone jewelry has been the talk of the town, with an overwhelming majority of independent women favoring emerald rings for proposals & engagements. But what makes these green stones so special? Let’s find out!

Bright, Bold & Radiant
While traditional diamond rings tick all the boxes and remain popular, they lack spice & excitement, and who wants a dull engagement ring? That’s why more and more young women hint to their future fiance about bolder rings, to influence them to turn to emeralds.

Rare & Fresh
Emeralds are 20 times rarer when compared to global mineable diamond stock, and are also not on every other girl’s ring finger like diamonds. This allows the emerald girlies to stand out and flaunt their stones, along with their lovers!

Accessible & Reasonable
Emerald jewelry & stones are more affordable than their diamond counterparts, allowing for a larger center stone for engagement rings, which is always a pro, since you only get engagement rings once (or at least hope to)! Additionally, emerald rings in gold, platinum, silver, or any base metal are more readily available at jewelers, whereas diamond rings may have longer fulfilment times due to high demand.

Royal & Regal
Throughout history, emeralds have been associated with and picked by those with a royal status. In recent times, influential celebrities and figures of importance such as Elizabeth Taylor and American sweetheart Grace Kelly have opted for emerald rings, adding to the craze of the stone!

Moving on
Now that we know why everyone wants emeralds, let’s talk about how to pick the right stone.

Here are the factors to consider while evaluating emeralds to attach to your engagement ring!

The color of an emerald is its most unique distinguishing feature and one of the most prominent ways of checking its quality. The finest emeralds must have just the right amount of richness, meaning they should not be too dark or too bright. The gradient must be equally distributed among the stones. Watch out for too much blue or yellow to identify low quality. However, it is important to pick not based on the textbook definition of what is a good emerald, but what attracts you! You may prefer darker or lighter than usual, which is a-okay!

Most emeralds come with naturally occurring inclusions that proudly reveal themselves to the naked eye, adding so much character to the stone. They draw attention effortlessly and beautifully. These inclusions are referred to as ‘jardin’ which is French for garden, as they resemble moss or plant foliage.

Typically, even with the inclusions, you must be able to look through the stone. The more transparent a stone is, the more valuable it is as well.
Coming across an emerald with no inclusions is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, and an expensive one for sure! These emeralds can range well over $10,000 per carat!

Cut refers to the shape of the finished emerald. The most popular choice is rectangle or square, which is why these two shapes are also referred to as ‘emerald cuts’. Other choices include oval, round, etc. Make sure the cut is symmetrical & proportionate and is appealing to your eye. Don’t be afraid to express your individuality through the shape, as each cut affects the sparkle and shine differently, giving the stone a unique look based on its shape.

Carat Weight
The carat weight of an emerald is directly proportional to its size, and usually, larger diamonds mean more value. However, other factors such as richness of tone, uniqueness of cut and clarity also affect value. Make sure to venture into options within your budget to find the best fit.

Emerald Settings for your Ring!
You’re almost an expert and can get yourself an emerald now! The only thing you need to know is how to incorporate the stone into a beautiful design for your ring. Let’s take a look at that as well! Here are a few setting styles for emerald engagement rings.

Solitaire Settings
Solitaire Settings are a timeless way to design your ring and feature one main stone at the centre stage. Not only will this never go out of style, it’s the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance.

Halo Settings
Smaller stones (diamonds or emeralds) surrounding the main emerald are referred to as a Halo Setting. This increases the attractiveness of the ring, makes the emerald look larger, and adds just the perfect sparkle! This setting is a popular choice for girls who can’t pick between diamonds & emeralds as it allows them to have the best of both worlds.

Three-stone Settings
This is a special one, as it incorporates 3 stones on the ring, each signifying the past, present and future of a couple and their love. These are said to bring good luck to the couple and also allow the couple to customize the selection of stones and incorporate elements that are meaningful to them.

Artistic or Vintage Settings
These settings incorporate intricate and geometric designs and fillings, which are the epitome of elegance and uniqueness. These are highly customizable, meaning there’s something for every girl!

There you have it! You now know why and how to get the perfect emerald engagement ring. But wait, there’s one last thing you need to know before jumping on the bandwagon - Certification & Ethical Sourcing. Make sure that the jeweler or vendor you deal with has the appropriate certificate to prove the authenticity of the stone, and you can also vouch for ethical sourcing methods. It is also recommended to buy these stones from a well-reputed vendor.

In recent years, many renowned sellers have established online stores, making it easy for you to browse through collections and verify the certifications before making a purchase. Don’t shy away from exploring and you’re bound to find the perfect emerald for yourself.

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