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Article: Emeralds vs Diamonds: A Comparison of the Legends

Emeralds vs Diamonds: A Comparison of the Legends

Emeralds vs Diamonds: A Comparison of the Legends

Anytime you hear the word ‘gemstones’, you are bound to think of the 2 most popular ones - emeralds and diamonds. While they are often pitched against each other as competitors, they also complement each other beautifully.

Emeralds shine in captivating & rich green hues, while diamonds never fail to bring the bling to the table. This article compares the two and will help you decide on which one you should get next!

Emeralds: Gorgeously Green

Emeralds are a part of the beryl mineral family and are renowned for their deep greens, which we’ve all come to know and love. These precious gemstones have been admired and adored for thousands of years. Emerald jewelry has been preferred by royalty and celebrities alike, who vouch for Zambian emeralds specifically. While Zambia is not the oldest or largest emerald mining country, it is certainly rising as the most preferred one. This is due to the color quality and the clarity that Zambian emeralds offer.

Cleopatra’s Choice

A quick search on Emerald history will take you back to the Ancient Egyptian civilization, wherein traces of emerald mining can be found as far back as 330 BC. Cleopatra, the famous Queen who ruled ancient Egypt for nearly three decades, was particularly fond of emeralds. It is said that not only did she have heaps of emerald jewelry in her personal possession, but also gifted them to foreign dignitaries, which solidified her image as a powerful, fearless and wealthy leader who is not afraid to step outside the ordinary. Most Egyptian socialites loved these stones so much that they ordered their families to bury them with emeralds. To this day, we discover more tombs belonging to Pharaohs and the elite, that were adorned with the finest Emeralds, keeping the deceased company in their next lives.

Tale as old as time

While we can trace Emeralds back to ancient Egypt, researchers with in-depth knowledge have revealed that the stone has been mined and loved for nearly 3 billion years! The fact-sheet doesn’t stop there. Diving deeper, we come across a plethora of cultures that have adored emeralds and their beauty for centuries. From the Mesopotamians using them in their tombs to the Indian and Chinese nobles using them as a status symbol, emeralds have woven themselves into human civilization for millennia. With each new discovery, the story of emeralds continues to impress.

Healing & Growing

In ancient times, the affluent class often held on to emeralds for dear life, not to use as adornment, but because they were believed to hold mighty powers capable of bringing abundant blessings and defying odds to turn one’s luck around. During tough times, women would often put on their emeralds and hold them close to improve their emotional balance, amplify creativity in solution searching, boost motivation and increase the pace of growth.

Newly marrieds were advised to possess and put on emeralds to channel positive energy and attract good fortune in matters of love and companionship.

Across the globe, from the mighty civilizations of Persia to the philosophical schools of Greece to the ceremonial practices of Mesoamerica, most cultures regarded Emeralds as vessels of healing. Beliefs signify that these stones not only add to one’s physical beauty but also nurture the soul immensely.

Diamonds: Testament to Brilliance

Diamonds are formed by composing carbon atoms in unique crystalline structures that are marvellously durable and equally precious. They come in a variety of shades and colors like pink, yellow and blue, however colourless ones take the cake for being the most loved ones. Colour-free diamonds also have the highest demand and waiting periods. It is said that the love for diamonds and its trade took off from India, as early as the fourth century BC, from where it slowly travelled to Western Europe, where it became a favourite of the elite.

Kohinoor - Familiar to all

One of the most famous diamonds throughout history has been the Kohinoor, which is Persian for ‘Mountain of Light’ termed after its beautiful hues and reflections of light. Originally mined in India, the Kohinoor has been traded and passed through many hands across different civilizations, without any effect on its beauty! Fascinatingly, this diamond is said to bring heaps of good luck to women owners, but the same cannot be said about male owners. Despite its journey and past, the Kohinoor remains to be a symbol of power, grace, status and mystery.

Modern production

Today most diamonds come from Russia, Botswana, Canada, DR Congo, and South Africa

Lasts longer than most

Diamonds are loved not just for their striking appearance, but also for their immense durability. Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance known to mankind! So the next time you see a diamond, remember it’s not just a component of jewelry, but one of nature’s finest works.

Now that you’re familiar with the two gemstones, let’s do a quick comparison, shall we?

Differences in Color

The most visible and well-known difference between the 2 stones is their color. Emeralds present themselves in lovely green hues, whereas Diamonds are available in colourless, pink, blue, and yellow options. Emeralds possess rich hues, whereas diamonds carry subtle shades.

Differences in Durability

Like we discovered earlier, diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance known to mankind, with a ranking of 10 on the Mohs Scale. In contrast, emeralds range between 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale and are regarded as impressively durable as well. Although both of the stones are relatively strong, the truth is that they may shatter from a strong blow or fall. We urge you to handle these precious gemstones with care.

Differences in Brilliance

Brilliance refers to the ability of a stone to disperse light into its spectral colors. Diamonds are renowned for their brilliance and fire, which can quickly fill up a room under the right lighting conditions.Emeralds, on the other hand, are cut in a way to amplify the color and richness of the stone itself rather than its projections. The concentration of the shade in the stone makes sure that emeralds retain their lovely aura at all times, regardless of lighting conditions.

You’re almost a gemstone expert! All that’s left for you is to buy some rare stones & enjoy. Let’s make the right decision now.

Choosing between Emeralds and Diamonds

As we’ve discovered over the course of this article, both emeralds and diamonds are breathtaking, valuable and downright fabulous. The choice between the two ultimately comes down to personal preference and needs. If you’re looking for something durable, long-lasting and proven, diamonds are the way to go. If you’re looking for a little bit of spice, uniqueness and something that immediately sets you apart from the crowd, then you’ve got to pick up an emerald to demand the attention you deserve.

No matter which of the two you pick, you’re bound to love it, and if you still can’t pick, you need both!

Remember to only engage in the trade and purchase of gemstones with certified and renowned traders and jewelers that can provide authenticity certificates and proof of ethical sourcing. In recent years, many prominent jewelry merchants have set up shop online, making it easy for you to compare the offerings, view certifications and make an informed decision!

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