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Article: Adorning with Destiny: Spark of Birthstones in Eshli Jewelry

Adorning with Destiny: Spark of Birthstones in Eshli Jewelry

Adorning with Destiny: Spark of Birthstones in Eshli Jewelry

We all know there are zodiac signs for your birthdays, but did you know there are also specific birthstones for your birthdays. Some people are lucky enough to have multiple! Your birthstone is based on your birth month. The history of how the birthstones came about is pretty cool, dating all the way back to the early 15th century. In recent times, people wear birthstones as jewelry or keep them as natural crystals.

We adore wearing birthstone jewelry because of the endless options to remember unforgettable moments in your life such as weddings, anniversaries, and also, your dear friend’s unique birth months. Gems can tell stories that belonged to the past and represent values dear to us. This is the power of birthstones, each speaking a different story that awaits to be unfolded. At Eshli Jewelry, we understand the uniqueness of everyone’s individual birthstones.

January's Garnet:

There are dozens of fresh starts in the first month of the year alone! Garnet is a gemstone of courage, strength, and fidelity – three critical traits that will be guiding our steps into the year ahead. It is the symbol of dedication, vibrancy, and passion and is also connected to happy and devoted people. The garnet by the legend receives pure and deep feelings into those who wear it. Garnet advances the home health and ensures there is hustle and harmony in the neighborhood.

February's Amethyst:

The gemstone for the month of February is amethyst. It goes in various aspects such as developing confidence, tranquility, and even memory. The serenity of dusk speaks the language of amethyst shades. You will feel that the glittering links of this bracelet are like warming charms, which can teach you to listen to your inner voice and feel a peace of mind. It is stipulated traditionally that couples should buy it on the 6th, 9th and 47th wedding anniversary. This year, make it count by savoring the moment with your preferred necklace, stud, or ring on!

March's Aquamarine:

The aquamarine color scheme is aimed to elicit tranquility and calmness as it resembles the beauty of the sea. The blue of aquamarine in just any shade will help you release the tensions in every sense. Travelling with aquamarine will inspire peacefulness and launch feelings of calmness by giving emotional clarity. The story of aquamarine says that the stones were cut from mermaid tails and that seafarers were protected by them due to their excellent magic. The March gemstone is believed to be the source of enlightenment, courage and this gentle glowing energy. If used correctly, it can not only boost your creativity and sense of happiness but also the general well-being of your life.

April's Diamond:

If your birthday falls in April you are going to create a lot of envy among your friends as you’ll be carrying one of the most treasured diamonds on earth. Adamas is a Greek word that means "be undefeatable." It is the origin of the term "diamond." Because diamonds are known to be the hardest of all the naturally-occurring minerals that the humans have yet experienced, it is a privilege to own this one-of-a-kind stone. They are as beautiful and as brave as love and very symbolic of people who have passed away. Because most young people have a perception that diamonds can secure their luck, joy and security for them, diamond engagement rings are the most preferred type of stone by the youth. While the Romans linked diamonds to crumbled pieces of the fallen stars, the Greeks equated them with the tears of the deities. Given that diamonds have among the highest hardness levels among all materials on earth, it is right that they are used to denote love, commitment, health and strength. Instead of giving a diamond ring or studs as a gift, you can present a diamond necklace to a special someone as a token of your love and to remind of their strength!

May's Emerald:

While embarking on springs, emerald is May's birthstone. The origin of the name is a Greek word smaragdus which means a green stone. When this gemstone was discovered in Egypt, it was thought to be for fertility purposes. For the most part, the emeralds are linked to Venus – the goddess of love. The vibrant tones, in green, are exhilarating to the loose and pleasing to the eye. It is usually taken as a form of expression, which signifies joy, plenty, and freshness.

June's Pearl:

Pearls became a sign of naivety, originality, and incorruptibility. For example, the white pearl symbolizes the values of innocence, beauty, and new beginnings. The attitude of people is calming down when they are under pressure, and pearls are said to handle the issue of rage. Pearls are said to be tears dropped from heaven and are therefore connected to the divine in certain civilizations.’

July's Ruby:

The rubies become the gemstones of July-born individuals. Ruby is considered one of the oldest stones as it was discovered nearly 2000 years ago! Ruby is a blazingly burning spark of desire that radiates with life. Small red earrings with cyan light that warms your body will support you and let your fearless heart all out.

August's Peridot:

The peridot gemstone, an August birthstone, looks simply amazing with blending of bright green tinted shades and some evident yellow specks. In Hawaiian mythology, Pèdòt was once considered the tears from the outer cell of the volcano and fire goddess. The root of the word peridot in Greek language, to be specific, peridona, which means 'giving abundance', explains the origin of the stone's name. Resilient turquoise delivers a happy and relaxed mood whenever you wear it. While some stones have their own specific healing abilities, peridot can eliminate stress and anger.

September's Sapphire:

The sapphire has been a kingly gemstone as well as associated with a high IQ as far back as the earlier eras of history. Scanning across the 3 primary colors that are used for painting, Blue, our ideal paint color is "sapphire"- the Latin and Greek root words that combine the elements of sky and ocean. In Persia from antiquity, the kings believed that the supernatural power of the sapphire stones caused the sky to have its color. It was common for kings in the twelfth century to have sapphires to keep the demons away. It is identified as the emblem of royalty.

October's Opal:

Opal is considered like a kaleidoscope of dreams, capturing creativity, transformation and mystical charm. Confronted with opal earrings, dancing with a thousand hues you are drawn to the art and emotion within yourself letting life turn you into an artist.

November's Citrine:

Citrine is sun-kissed and shining, emanating positivity, warmth, success. Citrine necklaces, bursting with the energy of the sun are now your personal source of light that is shining away whichever shadows life throws at you and lighting up a path toward success.

December's Turquoise:

Turquoise, a bridge between earth and sky whispers of protection, good fortune and open-hearted souls. Turquoise rings become your shields of calmness which centers you in the immediate circumstance but also opens up your heart to explore new promises and potentialities.

We believe that at Eshli Jewelry, birthstones are not merely adornments – they have come to represent those whispers of your soul and find its crystallization into the sparkling patterns of your individualism. Select your birthstone, embody its symbolism and have Eshli make a piece that remains with you quietly illuminating the darkness within while showing where to go.

Visit Eshli Jewelry now and embrace the magic waiting to be worn.

With love and luxury,

The Eshli Team

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