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Article: Sparkle On a Budget: Hacks for Cleaning Your Jewels

Sparkle On a Budget: Hacks for Cleaning Your Jewels

Sparkle On a Budget: Hacks for Cleaning Your Jewels

We enjoy purchasing new products so much because who doesn’t love the shiny look new products provide us with. Whether it's an expensive piece of jewelry or a toy, everything shiny and new looks beautiful. But even the costliest items can eventually reach a point where they have seen better days. Sweat and body dirt stick to your jewelry, dulling the appearance of the metal and stones. Dirt and grime eventually get accumulated and have the potential to temporarily damage the piece's functionality or look if left unattended. Extreme circumstances may cause irreversible damage to the item. Because of this, it's essential to treat and maintain your jewelry the same way you would maintain your other valuables. Let's explore the most affordable, quick, and simple hacks that will transform your life.

By using just a handful of ordinary items found in the household and by sprinkling them, with love you can bring your Eshli emeralds as well as diamonds and other types of precious stones back to their most charming state.

Here are a few ways that work on all kinds of jewelries:

1 - A toothbrush, water, and dish soap

Using materials and appliances you already own at home is actually the greatest and most convenient way to clean any kind of metal. All you need to do is mix some dish soap into a solution of very warm water to keep your jewelry exceptionally clean. Jewelry must be soaked for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the amount of grime present. Wipe off any residual dirt you want to remove with a fresh toothbrush. Finally, rinse the jewelry one last time with water and use the towel to gently tap on it so that it would dry nicely. You can perform the steps again, provided that you need to.

2 - Beer and a cloth

This is a brilliant tip for leaving solid gold jewelry with a brighter luster. Despite its faded color, the ring can still be restored to its original sparkle and clarity simply by adding a cup of beer and a soft cloth. It is as easy as dabbing the ring with the towel and adding a drop of beer! Beer must never be used to clean a diamond of any kind, and dark ale is also strictly forbidden. After performing the process, dry the band with a clean, dry towel.

Ways to clean specific stones:

Emerald Embrace:

Emeralds need special attention. The mixture of baking soda and water is a good paste for the treatment of slight tarnish. We use a soft toothbrush that is kept separate from the prongs and settings so that it can be applied without having to touch the targets. Rinse finely and polish with microfiber cloth for a better facial look.

Diamond Delight:

A girl may prefer diamonds to her best friend, yet she should treat them well herself. First, soak the pieces of diamond in a mixture of warm water and dish soap. After 20 minutes, brush the diamond gently with a soft brush, rinse and dry it using a lint-free cloth. This would make them clean off all dusty dirt and sparkle again.

Gemstone Jubilee:

Apart from a couple of rare gems in your Eshli collection, you should simply wash them gently in safe dish soap and lukewarm water and repeat the process anytime you need to clean your jewels effectively. Soak them only for 15-20 minutes and then gently brush them with a soft toothbrush. Wash and dab dry using soft towels.

Pro Tip:  Ask for a personalized guide from Eshli for special care instructions on how to maintain your jewelry collection. Some gemstones including pearls or opals are delicate and require special care.

General care for your gems:

Just a simple polish with a polishing cloth after cleaning will give your jewelry that extra sparkle. Do not forget that emeralds, pearls, and other soft gemstones should be handled carefully.

Your jewelry is recommended to be stored away from bright sunlight and harsh chemicals in order to avoid further tarnishing.

However, remember that the instructions have to be carried out with caution. Use common chemicals and keep away from high temperatures as they may damage your Eshli products permanently. By any chance, if you have doubts, you can go to a professional jeweler. Use these straightforward fixes and keep your Eshli jewelry like the emerald ring, an emerald necklace or all other jewels with you and add splendor to your life. So go forward and shine bravely and always remember that caring for your Eshli treasures is an investment in eternal sparkle!

With love and luxury,

The Eshli Team

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